DNA Evidence Suggests Behunin’s are of Scottish Origin

DNA tests show we have a common genetic background with Herbert Bohannon.  Click HERE to access a link to Herbert Bohanon’s line to which we may find a connection.

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3 Responses to DNA Evidence Suggests Behunin’s are of Scottish Origin

  1. kent behunin says:

    looking for history of behunins; I believe that Albert Behunin born 1758 is my
    great great great great great grandpa

  2. Whoops on that last post. I am the 5th Great grand daughter of Albert Behunin, on my fathers side. It goes… Great grandmother Mary Angerona Behunin married George Collings, her father was Andrew Ira Behunin, his father, Isaac Behunin, his father Albert Alphus Behunin and his father Alphus Behunin. I was always told that they were Scott-Irish by my father? Any info would be greatly appreciate. Carol

  3. I found this very interesting.

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